YourCity.MD History

YourCity.MD LLC is the first and only digital media company to reach healthcare consumers and providers in over 500 U.S. markets with its city specific domain names with the .MD extension. To find a listing of our healthcare networks across the U.S., visit: MyCity.MD.

Founded on the principle that healthcare is and should be local, YourCity.MD helps consumers access a healthcare network in their own "backyard" that helps them better manage their health and chronic diseases through dependable medical information, tap into a local and national support system and rate physicians so that others in the community can select the best physician for their needs.

For providers, YourCity.MD helps grow and improve their practice through free productivity tools and the ability to increase patient referrals through a physician rating/patient feedback system that serves as a dependable source of referrals and opens the line of communication between physician and patient.

By making Web-based health care local and supporting both consumers and providers, YourCity.MD's portals improve decision making, information sharing and efficiency in the healthcare system.



YourCity.MD's mission is to provide free tools, services and effective communications that empower consumers to select the best local physician for their needs and make the most informed health care decisions by establishing their own locally-based health care social network.

YourCity.MD's vision is to improve the quality of health care in each community it serves.